I have a message for all of you. Something you should have heard over and over again by now. Your enough. Your good enough. Repeat it to yourself out loud, tell the people around you your reading something so you don’t look nuts:

I’m enough
I’m good enough right now

You shouldn’t have to hear this from a stranger but I’m glad your hearing it from me. You have doubts about your worth, your intelligence, your competency, your datability, your lovability. Let me tell you, your good enough for all those things. 
Do you know how many people I’ve run across that secretly think they aren’t good enough for love? Or for a promotion? They allow their lack of confidence to hold them back, their lack of self worth. Not to be confused with ego. So listen to me carefully. Your OK. Everything is all right. Your good enough and if you think you lack something like a character trait, guess what? You can learn it quickly, you just have to close your eyes and jump in. Just do it. 
Your love for the world is hidden, your skills as a beautiful human being my children are going to need. Not just mine, all of our children need interaction with people who know that they have something to offer, themselves.

So let me be one of hopefully thousands of people who tell you, your good enough.

With Love
Jeff Utnage