The thief prayed for comfort. Interesting. Not that he prayed for comfort, but for someone else’s comfort. A mans head hangs low and the thief wonders why, so he asks the man “Why does you head hang low, you are a happy man?” 
“Because my best friend died today” the usually jovial man replies, and hangs his head again. Then the thief left and wrote a prayer to God for the grieving man. He gave it to him and walked away. Even the thief knows where comfort comes from.

The grieving man was surprised because what the thief wrote was from the heart. He had written to God before. This amazed the grieving man because he was a man of God, well versed in comfort from above. He kept that prayer and prayed it himself. 

There is a freedom in being able to write a letter to God and not be interrupted with your thoughts. You aren’t to bad to talk to Him. You aren’t to far gone to get His love. You haven’t slept with to many people to be clean. It doesn’t matter if your still using drugs or drinking like a fish or hooking for a fix every day like clockwork. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve cursed Him a thousand times before. 

We are all broken. Everyone has doubt and fear and is doing something wrong. None of that matters, what matters is that I believe that many of us are designed with a natural draw to the unknown, the spiritual. We spend our days wondering if God is real or not. Asking questions like “why does He let bad things happen if He exists?”. I know your confusion.

I know your broken, so am I. Probably more useless then you. God likes broken vessels, do you know why?

Because they leak. They leak His mercy and love over everything…

With Love
Jeff Utnage