“Want to live forever? Write! Write, with all you have and feel! Compose the words that will travel the ages and then live forever!”

I heard a brilliant speech by my friend and colleague, a man named Yusef, at our local Toastmasters club. The premise was “how to live forever”. He used the written language as the vehicle to span eternity. Its so very true. Homer, Shakespeare, Nostradamus… all living forever. And how many times have family letters been uncovered. This close to Memorial Day, think about those last letters from the front lines that speak to the hell men witness. Immortal. So as these few men and women write these words that you read, we just want to change a few perceptions of incarcerated people and change communities for the better. If we wind up spanning the ages for someone years away from here, all the more reason to continue to write. So write with all you have and feel and live forever, even if just for your family…

by Rory Andes

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