When I heard Trump was going to run, I thought it was a good thing. I liked the idea that he was not a college trained politician, raised with a silver spoon. 

Then his views came front and center on LGBT people, people of color, women…his trash talk I could handle. I actually thought much of it was hot air, still do.

But I sit inside prison, where white supremecy is an agenda that is alive and promoted. But they knew they were a dying breed. 

Media has done a great job of pushing an agenda of equality and though it does not eliminate bigotry, it isolates bigots so they will keep their ugly views semi quiet. Over time they will give up and join the rest of the nation. 

Now, I see something different in hate groups. They are excited, expectant and feel as if one of their own is now in office. This type of perceived empowerment has awakened a sleeping giant in the straight white male that must be addressed…
As a gay man I am terrified at what Trump supporters think they are entitled to now. When he first began his campaign, I never thought this would be the outcome.

I am genuinely afraid of Trump supporters potential radicalism, the awakening of the KKK and the racist agenda of white supremist groups wanting to divide American soil.

Obama may feel “heartened” by Trumps victory, and as I said I believe much of Trump said was just hot air as far as his tainted remarks, but I am scared of what his extremist followers will do and am definitely NOT “heartened” by what I see. 

I will say this, to anyone who feels the same:

We may fear the unknown but we have been here before and have come this far. We will remain united in the face of hatred as we always have, today is no different. We are a strong people that have been consistently underestimated since the beginning. What hate groups forget is that as LGBT people we may be marginilized but so is every person of color and we united once and will do so again when cornered. We are God powered with powerful voices. We will not be pushed back but will march on…

Be Strong
With Love
Jeff Utnage