I heard today that Indonesia is seriously considering making homosexuality illegal. Since Trump took the vote hate crimes have skyrocketed, and just last year a blogger in the middle east was dismembered for trying to bring LGBT people together. Here locally LGBT people in the prison system are hated, unless were on our knees, that is. Then when some ask for help from being continuously raped the solution is to go back in the closet…faggot. In fact, its 2016 and this is the first year that DOC has recognized homosexuality as something of a culture, however quietly.

So when I hear or read someone whining about our LGBT characters are getting underrepresented in television and sitcoms…must be nice.

I want to go to a place where my main equal rights concern is TV representatives living longer in my sitcoms. When I have that as my main concern or even on my radar as something to tackle, that means that my people aren’t being savagely raped anymore, or prostituted out, or shooting up heroin or meth because they hate the fact they aren’t attractive in their mind, or being thrown out of their houses, or being attacked by confused christian wannabe’s who hate themselves, or being dismembered for blogging, or mutilated for something they cannot control…or shot by a Muslim who has been ashamed by his religion’s doctrine. You get my point.

People, remember why we march, why we have Stonewall as a national monument, why we have our own flag and why there are hundreds of LGBTQIPAGQ & Q organizations… because they are still needed! We are actively being oppressed and complaining about your entertainers not getting enough face time…its time to get out into the world sweetie because you clearly live in a bubble that someone has painted a very pretty picture. In your neighborhood things may be great, but who is going to go to the neighborhoods where we are still being beaten, spit on, shot, stabbed and sold. I know that as soon as I can you best believe that I will be a man of my word and I will be spending the rest of my life empowering the oppressed of the LGBT community where it is worse. 

They will NOT suffer alone anymore and the only way it will ever change is with us. 

Read Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have A Dream speech and apply it to us today, be inspired folks.

With Love
Jeff Utnage