Where are the voices now?


by Wesley Johnston
Watching what is happening in a small country 6,000 miles away is so disheartening. One day the people of this country are living their lives like everyone else. Getting up and going to work. Making breakfast for their children. Washing clothes. Kids going to school. Doing everyday normal things that everyone else in the whole world are doing. Things that you who are reading this are doing today!

Over the last couple of years, I have seen how the power of a few can change the way we live life. It has been mostly for good. It held the people who are elected to account. It addressed the abuses of some who were not elected. It gave a voice to those who could no longer speak out. Abuses of fellow humans were no longer just swept under the rug. We all seen it happen in real time.

I watch more news than what may be healthy. I bounce between all the cable news channels. What I have not been seeing is the same people who were standing up for the abuses here in this country doing it with the same furor for that country 6,000 miles away. Is not the abuses happening there meet the same test as the ones that happen here? I do not see those who were so passionate then out in the streets now.

I watch the persons in power of this country make excuses. They are actually more worry about the price of gas than the murder of thousands. What would have happen if they had used that reason here and not allow those voices to be heard then. I can tell you with absolute certainly it would have not been allowed.

I saw a video of a six year old girl the other day who been severely injured in a bombing attack. She was rushed to a hospital. This hospital look a lot like the nurses office we had in school. Bare bones. What I did seen was the staff doing everything they could to save that little girls life. It was heart aching to watch. Her Mother was in the background so very distraught. She was watch her daughter’s life fade right in front of her. That little six year old girl died. Was that worth saving some pennies on gas?

So where are those who made their voices heard back then? Does not this little girl’s death mean the same as those who were unjustly killed here? The Mothers of those who were killed here got justice. Does not that Mother there deserve the same?

Tomorrow morning when you are making breakfast for your child here there is a Mother there who no longer can.

Tomorrow when you are sending your child to school here there is a Mother who is just looking at a picture of her little girl there.

Tomorrow when you are washing your child’s clothes here there is a Mother who is now giving her little girls clothes away there.

Tomorrow when you are going to work here and stop to put gas in your car you will be able to now save a few bucks at the cost of a Mother’s little girl there.

So, I inquire where are all those people here who took to the street so their voices could be heard back then?

I know there is a Mother six thousand miles away who would love to have people go out in the the streets and make their voices heard for her six year old girl over there.

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