What’s my next big move? What do I need to seriously plan for?

It has been pointed out to me that I should not be worrying about smaller problems such as employment and school or Iphones because those things are spread available. Instead I should be planning my power moves. Someone in my life said I should lower my expectations which tells me that I am on the right track, I have learned that instead of lowering my expectations I need to raise them much, much higher.

So what do I turn my attention to?

I have decided that working for DOC initially is probably not an option, I think. I am not back-burnering the plan but I do need to refocus my attention on the more likely way to make money for me, which appears to be in HR, because I latched onto that. So let’s brainstorm:

Getting into HR, what’s bigger than that?

Becoming an HR manager, WBTT?

HR Consulting, WBTT?

Owning an HR consulting firm/entrepreneurship, wbtt?

Creating a system. What kind?

The goal setting process. Mentorship process. and do what?

Start a business or non profit. if it was a biz, what would the service/product be? I can only imagine it as an application or a system that is done via tech. Except the mentorship process, that could be a system that is applied instead of one that is technology based. So maybe I need to separate them and use the goal setting process as a tool of the mentorship process. So maybe the service is a mentorship/life coaching service with proprietary goal setting and goal planning/strategy systems?

If that was the plan, what’s step 1? Step 1 would be documenting the process and detailing the goal app/system and protecting it.

Okay, what’s step 2? Step 2 is getting help with developing the app. I have to challenge this, you have been seeking help coding and received no help, isn’t this why you took computer programming- so you can do it yourself? Well, yeah, but it’s beyond my abilities.

You’re thinking too small. Think bigger, wbtt?

R and D? What if we began seeking a business partner? What if we sought to partner with a developer where they did the technical side of things and you did the business side of things. Get investors or donors.

Now we’re thinking in the right direction. So this is where our minds need to focus on:

1. Systematizing our process and documenting everything into a usable personal format that we can immediately apply.

2. Look for customers to use the system on, gather market data. Document said data such as:

a. time spent on each customer
b. measured outcomes (success rates)
c. estimated time saved with technology ( the app)
d. what works, what is universal vs what is individualized
e. how much time does the customer actually spend interacting with the system and is it sustainable? What is the attention span of a customer in this type of life planning? How much time is a person willing to spend planning their future?

3. Find partner with actual tech skills (need to seriously brainstorm this)

4. Develop biz plan

5. Find investors

This is some heavy stuff. As I’m rolling this around I am also piecing together in my mind that I want to do public speaking about doc’s systemic shortcomings and one way to help in one area (inmate self-improvement). This can be an alternate, I could teach mentorship and goal planning/strategy. I have knowledge to present in such a way that it will enlighten those concerned and hopefully motivate those who aren’t to get concerned/involved.

I think that public speaking is my entrance point to finding potential partners or to open new doors that may lead to opportunity I am unable to conceptualize currently.

How do I plan for that which I cannot conceptualize?
I don’t know, how do we conceptualize infinity?
Well, we denote it with a symbol. Like an “x” factor.

So then, I will also prepare to speak at as many engagements as possible about my experiences and ideas to solve problems, establish that I have a coherent logic with a sound theory, present my experiences to back up my theory, establish additional credibility and look for an x-factor which represents new/unforseen directions because I will deal with and seek outside opinions which will bring amazing new perspectives.

Yup. Possible pivots indeed. So maybe its not an “x” factor but a “p” factor, we can denote it “P-Factor” or simply PFactor.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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