For some freedom is the outdoors or the open road. For others its gun rights or other liberties. Freedom for most looks like something. What does your freedom look like? 
For me freedom doesn’t mean no more prison. For me its more a state of mind. 
Have you ever walked into a room and new immediately that there was hostility? Maybe feel it in the air? Since I assume that anyone who reads this is gay or LGBT somehow I assume that you have felt that fairly often and new it was directed at you. Imagine that everyday…I don’t want to feel that anymore. It hurts and I’m tired of trying to cope with it. The stress of knowing that no matter where you go your hated is much to bear and I’m tired of just coping. I want to change it. 
Freedom for me looks like going to work with people who want to work with me. Living with people who want to live with or near me. Tipping my hat to an officer or even thanking them for their service, freedom from fear. Freedom for me looks like never having to adapt to my environment again. Freedom for me looks like friends everywhere I go and never having to wonder if I need to fight. Its never having to size someone up, just in case.

I know this, its up to me to change my atmosphere. Its my world and I intend to build it. Will you?

With Love
Jeff Utnage