Is it safe for transgendered people to take the Moderna vaccines?
What are the side effects of the Moderna vaccines on people taking HRT?

My name is Ruth Utnage and I am a transgender woman who, less than 24 hours ago took the Moderna vaccine, round 2. I am going to list my side effects and some of my relevant medical info and will keep updating everyday. First, a disclaimer.

I am not a medical professional. These are my personal experiences, yours may be different. I am putting this info out there because when I googled the questioned “Is it safe for transgendered people to take the Moderna vaccines?” I got a slew of weird, non relevant, information (except a New York Times article explaining why some LGBTQ folx don’t trust the vaccines because they came under Trump.) and I hope that this helps some transgendered people make their decision as to whether or not the vaccine is for them.

Relevant Medical Information:
I am 39 years old, 175 lbs, transgendered female (transitioning to female physically). I have never had a flu vaccine and I have never had the flu prior to taking Moderna. I have been taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for 18 months and am taking:

Spironolactone 100 mg (50 mg twice daily)
Estradiol 25mg biweekly intramuscular injections
Daily MultiVitamin (MegaMax)

I am taking no other medications, not even Tylenol, etc.

I have no other medical conditions.

Here Are My Current Side Effects Of The Moderna Vaccines:

Round 1- sore arm at injection site for 2 days, lethargy (tired, lack of energy) for about 2 days. Still went to work, but was tired and didn’t sleep well for 2 nights. Night 3, all was well.

Round 2- It’s been 24 hours and it feels like someone took a Louisville Slugger to my shoulder at the injection site. I had the chills last night and body aches, I slept horribly. I have some energy still, a tiny headache (barely noticeable) but plan to do nothing today but call my girlfriend, tell her I love her and go back to my bed where I will likely stay until tomorrow snuggled up inside my sweats and blankets.

I will let you know tomorrow how I feel.

With Love

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