This last week I made over $5k by investing in the Shiba-Inu crypto-currency. I would love to consolidate my investments into 1 investment corporation which would enable me to place more assets into 1 company for asset management instead of dividing my assets into 2 portions. Robinhood was my number 1 choice because they have the most crypto options as well as stocks, my two investments of choice at the moment.

Instead, I had to open an account with Coinbase in order to capitalize on Shiba-Inu’s latest run, which more than doubled my initial crypto investment.

Those commissions and trade fees could have gone to Robinhood, instead I happily paid them to Coinbase.

We shouldn’t have to “petition” to get a company to take our business. That’s a crap business strategy, one that just cost them at least one customer. Instead, Coinbase is going to get my loyal business… alongside E-Trade.

With Love
Ruth Utnage