Spend the entire duration of a sunset trying your best to describe all the colors in the sky. Write thank you letters to everyone you know, I challenge you to write to that one person you’ve been avoiding. Brake that long silence, but no emails, they are very impersonal, hand written only.

You don’t have to, but I make up a jingle about all my stressors. What ends up happening is a lot of laugher, and I get to be creative. Next, I write on paper a gratitude list of people, places and things. Reframing your thoughts about the stress is wonderful too. But just simply doing some deep belly breathing is best, at least for me.

Yeah, the silly thing about breathing deep, and how much it works, has me thinking of all the times I heard others say it and never taking their advice, mostly giving them the stink eye. I now apologize with a thankful heart, it does work.

With Love,

Marshall Byers