Hello! As a math lover, sometimes history is inevitable. Fortunately, I love the history of mathematics. It’s because of this that I’ve recently found myself writing an article on the history of mathematics to an audience of math teachers for grades 8 and up. This article has taken me 6 months and I’m only just 1/2 finished. The experiences I’ve had are exotic by my standards. ..I’ve chased a lead through the side street in Rome, to a world expert historian on the Marmorari Romani, which sent me to a telephone number of a rather eccentric man who speaks only Italian in a town near Sicily. This, just to find a secret technique of medieval Roman marble work! I’ve had conversations with a fellow of the Royal Society. I’ve tracked down all living mathematicians who contributed to the story of Sierpinski’s gasket by giving us beautiful new mathematical concepts. But one… One person has broken my heart in the sense that the world is letting slip a valuable piece of history through the fingers of time.

In mathematics, we give credit to the people who make important discoveries. One such person has made a very important connection, which has lead to beautiful discoveries. I’ve seen mention of this man’s paper in only one citation, but this work is digitally untraceable. This is not common in the world of mathematics. Not many people know that this man was responsible for this discovery. In fact, the only person who gives him credit is already dead. So, I decided to reach out to this marvelous creator of mathematics. The very next day, I heard back from him. He no longer has the mental faculties to recall this early work.. for he is 95 years old. He no longer remembers the topic and finished in his career of mathematical research. The gentleman was very humble. Unfortunately, I’ve searched and searched, but can not find this work of his, which had once existed as the first of its kind. I will not stand helplessly watching this piece of gold go down the drain. Thus and thus, I make a promise to this man to whom I don’t even know: If I can’t find this specific piece of your work, I will make it known that it has existed as the first of its kind so that it takes its rightful place in the annals of mathematics.

Thank you Rose, for your contribution to mathematics.







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