The cell directly next door contains two beds and two people. Both of these guys are the prison gambling table types that are absolutely ok with not going anywhere in life. One even “up’s the ante”, so to speak. He stays up all night. He brags about how late he likes to stay up. Three in the morning seems to be a favorite bed time for him as tries to find looser programming on TV. I can hear him rustling around from my cell well into the wee hours. It’s extremely rude. And the cell should be, on some level, a sanctuary. I couldn’t imagine having to live directly with someone like that. But someone does and I see what he has to do in the morning to further keep the peace…

When the doors enable at 0630 in the morning, the cellmate who’s awake slowly maneuvers to the door, covers the frame around the button to muffle the “click” of the electric lock as he presses it, and slinks out, being ever so careful as to softly close the door behind him. I asked him, “Why do you do that?” He said that if his cellmate is disturbed at anytime before 11am, the situation gets very ugly in the cell. He feels like he has to walk on eggshells just to start his morning. And then he sits in the day room waiting for anyone else to wake up to play cards with. If he has to use the restroom, he holds it so as to not cause conflict by going back in (we have “wet” cells that have toilets in them). At every level, this is so deeply wrong. Yet, dear free world reader, your taxes are paying to ensure some lazy bastard has free reign to sleep all day and stay up all night, watching squiggle-vision and looking for something that his deviant ass can find as sexual. When I see this guy in the late afternoon when I come back from work, he’s on the card table betting money that he lies to his family about that he needs. Rehabilitation isn’t even remotely on his radar.

But, between his cellmate that walks on those eggshells and a system that firmly allows his behavior, don’t be supprised when this grumpy, undiciplined pervert gets out and victimizes someone else. He’s never been forced to do anything otherwise…

by Rory Andes

Mr. Lazy is what happens when parents don’t enforce bedtimes… or morals…

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