Veterans are among the smallest demographic of citizen. The last time I checked a few years ago, there were roughly 19 million of us, most of whom willfully volunteered to offer their services at an unknown cost. As they’ve done their duty, they’ve kept the majority of the country sleeping soundly at night. But as the number of veterans that have been deployed in nearly twenty years of continuous conflict winds down, many still don’t sleep themselves. Then there’s the issue of twenty or so vets taking their own lives daily. Keep these men and women especially in mind as you express your loving gratitude on this holiday.

And if you really have it in your heart, feel free to love the incarcerated veterans that make up ten percent of our prison. Nobody deserves special treatment, just fair and equal. Please love all of us, even when we wronged, because a vibrant community is the one thing that keeps many of us connected. God bless the veterans, God bless the citizens, and God bless our country. And if you’re a proud veteran reading this, you can have my free meal from Applebee’s. Let ’em know I couldn’t make it this year….

by Rory Andes

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