OK, has anybody seen Professor Steve!?! aka Dad. If you see him, please express with great enthusiasm, that we miss him, and that he should know we have been well taken care of. Yes, we have traveled way off course at times, however, what’s life without a little rebellion? Today was/is sunny, beautiful, auspicious, and the air is filled with blossoming flowers, sunflowers, azaleas and daffodils to be exact. The freshness of laughter, met with someone new, was like listening to a tree full of magpie’s. We all talked till we were blue in the face. Anna, thaaannnk you for your welcomed energy and sincerity. You were great at redirecting us, please come back anytime.

Marissa, well done and congratulations on overcoming uncertainty and fear, by going out and finishing a marathon. Heck yeah, you kick ass! Mt. Baker is calling you. Zoey, thank you for helping Ruth and I with our dream to schedule a Ted X. Natalia, Lincoln, Lanie, you rock! We all talk for weeks about how important you must be in your community, and how you have all impacted our lives beyond measure. Oh, we didn’t forget about you Gabby. Unless you have the grand excuse of being at Disney Land, you’re in big trouble Missy!

Today was a wonderful early birthday present. Kind of like a banana split with a yummy cream puff cupcake on the side. Thank you guy’s for making my life just that much better. Yeeeeee-Haaaaaaww!

Pure Happiness,
Marshall Byers

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