What if you turn January 1st 2022, and every January 1st thereafter, from a day of your resolutions into a day of your celebrations? This morning I had caught some very subtle wisdom from a news program by a retired Marine, a bomb tech who lost his legs in Afghanistan named Johnny Joey Jones, who sparked something by his life’s outlook. As the commentators were passing around what “New Year’s Resolutions” the news cast was going to start in 2022, he causally said, “I don’t believe in resolutions. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth starting now.” How amazingly excellent of a statement!


In our procrastination state of existence, where we wait to do the good in our lives, how about we get rid of the excuse to wait for something like New Years? Just get after your goals now! The day you have the thought, “I need to shed a few pounds,” you start shedding. The day you have the thought, “I need to complete these home projects,” you start fixing. Want to learn something new? Do it. Do it and strike when the want is hot! Why put off for January 1st, what’s good for you right now?!

I thought about what could then be done with January 1st… We celebrate. We look back at all the things we started to accomplish for ourselves when we wanted them accomplished and we celebrate the progress. We don’t wait for New Years to do good for ourselves. You don’t even have to have a goal be completed by New Years, you just celebrate the start (whenever that was) and the progress. But Joey Jones is absolutely correct. Why wait if it feels worth it? Start, progress, celebrate… and that’ll keep you from procrastinating or being discouraged. Try something new this New Years!

by Rory Andes

What goals will you start right now?

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