First off, Sean Ryan from Columbia University deserves an award for dealing with the all out verbal assault from Carlson. Carlson outright challenged the necessity of LGBT and minority groups needing safe spaces to support one another.

Sean Ryan was barely able to speak a word edge wise while Tucker never even attempted to understand why safe spaces are needed in the first place. Carlson’s main argument was that straight white men are assumingly not welcome in these spaces, indicating reverse racism. Excuse me while I vomit!

Carlson rudely and continuously interrupted Mr. Ryan with a barrage of hostility, challenging the term Sean Ryan was using to justify the safe space program. Which was being isolated in society. Which, yeah, that’s still a thing. Clearly, because LGBT people all over the world are committing suicide over it.

America is hardly equal, do not forget the U.S. just had its first minority leader…LGBT people are still underrepresented in politics and in order to be heard fairly by our government we often have to go to extreme lengths to have a voice. Marches, rallies, social media movements. All that after tragedy. Safe spaces to talk to people that understand you are not a form of anti-diversity. If two or three gay men could meet anywhere, talk about sensitive issues and not be the target of public or peer ridicule, safe spaces would not be necessary.

I shouldn’t have to remind the seemingly hateful Mr. Tucker Carlson that LGBT people are still a minority in the world. Though we are not being beaten in the public square and bars anymore. Let’s be real here, whens the last time a straight night club was targeted by a armed man who hates straight-white people? When was the last time that two straight white men were in the grocery store and were hated simply because of those things? How many states is it legal to NOT hire a straight-white man because of his sexual orientation? How many times has the straight white male been pulled over for a routine traffic stop and had to legitimately worry if he was going to make it home alive, because the color of his skin?

The suicide rates among LGBT people is high because as Mr. Sean Ryan was attempting to explain to the immature Carlson, LGBT people are afraid of being socially attacked and ostracized, not accepted by dickheads like Tucker Carlson. It was clear the LGBT and minority demographic are not his concern. Which is for the better because we do not need worms like him anyway. Mr. Carlson and FOX News should publicly apologize and Carlson should be FIRED!

I know schizophrenic meth heads who have spent decades in prison for vicious rape and murder cases that have more sensitivity and empathetic bones in their pinky finger than Tucker Carlson has in his entire body. Never watching that guy or Fox News again. Not until he apologizes for his insensitive and racist behavior.

It aired on Fox News on 4-7-17 just after 9:30 PST. So sad…Sean Ryan, I’m sorry that happened.

With Love
Jeff Utnage