It’s always apparent that life is what you make it. If you see it as bad, it is. If you see the beauty, it’s beautiful. But it’s all perspective. It’s a command of the self to see both what is and what could be. It’s within each of us to find the positive potential of any situation which we find ourselves in. Lately, I’m having to drive that nail into myself quite often. The loss of friends, the deterioration of my environment, the reality that my days in prison are far less than what I started with (and with it brings a hunger for something better)… that all plays into feeding a negative attitude.

But it’s up to me to rise above the negativity. I have to be in a forward perspective, driven by optimism and hope. I have to make that my conscious effort to create a subconscious betterment for myself. So, here’s my different take on my current situation… I may be in a real difficult place here in prison. One where the plants of hope struggle to grow because the ground is hardened. And one day, in the future, I will leave this place. But to stay optimistic until I do and can fully engage in a life of unrestricted exploration, I’ll just remember that the true prison is the one created in my mind. My body is simply “travel compromised”…

by Rory Andes

Difficult times will come and go. Be the shining light in your own life…

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