Saying that transgender women and girl’s competing in sports is taking a spot from a cis-gender women or girl, blocking them from things such as scholarships, is also saying that transgender women and girls are not actually women and girls. This I will not agree with.

Transgendered women and girls are simply (although we all know that being a women is far from simple) women and girls. Women and girls who compete for scholarships get outdone by other women and girls constantly. Literally, the reason you have to ‘compete’ for a scholarship is because there are only so many of them. Someone must be a winner of such a thing and someone must be not the winner.

Instead, what we have is transgendered folx being marginalized in a very direct and blatant way. Instead of being welcoming and celebrating a woman/girl with differences (after all, if a trans woman succeeds in anything it is a win for all women, not just trans women) transgendered folx are being treated precisely like Black Americans in recent history. Different leagues because Black Americans had a “genetic advantage” and would “outperform White Americans in sports”, they stated it would be taking opportunities away from deserving white children if Blacks were allowed to compete in the same league. The same argument was made for education, pools, housing, benefits and anything else you can think of.

Now here we are in 2021 having the same disgusting debate only instead of Black Americans being targeted so openly and blatantly (in this regard, racism and racial discrimination are still very much alive), its transgendered children.

I will never stand in agreement with anything or anyone who wants to discriminate against one group. We can look at Eugenics and the Jim Crow era of slavery to know exactly what’s next for this debate.

Transgender women/girls athletes are simply women and girls and to anyone who believes differently, consider this the official notification were no longer friends. Just like I will not be friends/family with anyone who believes Black Americans are in any way inferior to any other American.

I may stand alone on this issue but I’d rather stand alone with my integrity than to support the disregard for human life so some can feel superior to another.

I truly do not care about opposing opinions.

With Love
*Proudly* Ruth Utnage, a transgender woman.