Our countries may be vastly different in terms of culture, leadership, and even history. One thing is the same, our struggle as LGBT people. As homosexual and transgendered and bisexual people we are persecuted by our religious leaders. We are ostracized by our families, our friends, our communities. 

But we have one another. We can reach across oceans and embrace one another. We can affectionately and compassionately greet one another with a friendly kiss! Muah!

As many know I am a believer in God, the Almighty, YHWH. He us my protector and advocate. He is my Father, as He is everyone’s. 

Our community is riddled with fear over God. However, God loves LGBT people. We are NOT abominations! We do exist! We didn’t CHOOSE to be this way. 

We no more chose to be gay, bisexual, trans or whatever, no more than our foot chose to be a foot. 

I want to hear from Israel. I wrote Benjamin Netanyahu…no response…yet! But I really want to hear from the Israeli LGBT community! What is life like for you? What does your community look like? What do you love, what do you cherish? 
Write me, send photos of what you see as beauty, I would love to hear from all of you, I love mail!

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With Love