Prison is this, *yuck* we have to shed upon release. It’s not something we get out and forget about. Prison in and of itself is its own trauma upon a human body, mind, and spirit. Everything is brand new again, we are going to experience the world through our traumatized bodies. We need to understand that, but so does our community.

When our eyes enlarge at 500 peanut butter options or an entire shopping center or at a vehicle that we can voluntarily get out of, this is deeply emotional. Even for the most stoic of us. Taking care of ourselves is vital for long-term health and stability. Part of that is our network, part of it is processing what we’re experiencing. Part of it is simply expressing a tidal wave of mixed emotions and only being around those who are capable of supporting us in that moment as a traumatized being.

It is that serious.

If you know someone who is fresh out, don’t distance yourself, humanize them as best you can and show a little love.

With Love
Ruth Utnage