If you are an entity of some sort that is furthering the equality or protection agenda for the LGBT community in some way, shape, or form…expect a letter from me soon.

It doesn’t matter what state your in or what country your in. It doesn’t matter if your 2 people strong or 2 million people strong. I don’t care if you’ve been around for 30 days or 30+ years, I want to talk to you!

I have been sending letters to organizations for years, with very little response! I have written (yup, bout to call some of y’all out, in good cheer though!) LGBT Allyship of Seattle, Seattle Pride Foundation, ACLU, Human Rights Council, Tacoma Rainbow Center, Olympia Rainbow Center, Seattle Rainbow Center… just to name a few and guess how many this hungry homo heard back from? Zip, zero, zilch! 

Now I know y’all are busy. I get it. However, I’m just letting you know that I am not giving up and you can expect more letters. Somebody is going to respond to me. This prissy princess is a little tired of being so full of heart and pride and nobody taking the time to write little ole me a letter. Type it up, print it out and mail that…its called communication. If your having trouble, type it in 140 characters or less, add a bunch of homojii’s and send that…

Jeff Utnage 823469 D-610-1
Monroe Correction Center – Twin Rivers Unit
PO Box 888
Monroe, WA 98272

On a serious note, I am reaching out to those that are trying to better our community in any capacity. This is my life’s purpose, my goal. I have skills that can be used and refined and untapped skills that can be very useful to those wanting to make a real difference. We can:

Collaborate on writing 
Exchange community data (needs, biggest areas of concern, etc)
Create a bigger organization 
You can write on here

The list goes on and on. Of course, I always need assistance locating potential mentors, financial donors, material donors, people who just want to chat (penpals), plus much more. If you have a will to help we can work together to make something happen. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage