Every damn morning in prison, some dick wrongfully believes his family wants, or deserves, to wake up to his tyrannical demands from the other side of a telephone. These assholes have been this enabled because they have always had an audience who picked up the phone and listened. Dear wonderful family members, allow me to be the voice of reason… Its ok to block the call. Its ok to stop the cycle of control and manipulation. You don’t have to feel bad for something you didn’t do. By loving this person, you’ve already done your share.

Our phone service gives the option to block the call. I believe most prison phones do. Its difficult to feel as though this person held in a cage deserves more distance from his loved ones, but if this person only shows anger and aggression, mixed with a fair measure of manipulation and deceit, wrapped in a lack of accountability and tied with a ribbon of blame shifting, you are NOT required to take the brunt of that. Never. At all. Its not a gift you deserve or should accept. Its a package bomb from the self serving and self righteous To hear the venom spewed from the phone with repulsive lines like “bitch, you better…” or “if you love me you’ll…” damages everyone, to include those of us in here who hears the violence in the voices.

So, if this is the cycle that you may be in with your incarcerated person, do us all a favor… just press the little button that says “we won’t talk until you learn to love me”. Just press the tough love button…

by Rory Andes

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