I would define passive hate speech as speech indicating strong dislike or superiority to something or someone in an indirect manner or through perceived humor.

Within the past 20 years it has become more and more unacceptable to be racist, sexist, phobic, or insert inequality term here. Though, we all knew that behind closed doors folks would still hold onto some internal and quiet dissent. This is surely the leftover superiority complexes left by Americas forefathers, thank you very little. But let’s be truthful, from genocide and slave ships to passive hate whispered from a space of shame is not the perfect world scenario we hope for, but it is on the way.

With the way things were going the next generation of children’s children would be near strangers to racism. Our nation would continue to breed until racism was only in history books. I would like to think that anyway. But suddenly it is okay again to believe in the preservation of a skin color. Suddenly it is okay to turn America into a giant walled prison where armed guards are ready to kill those who want to get in and those who want out.

This because the current administration has made a path for those whispered comments that nestle in shame within an insecure person to suddenly become normalized. This has set us back generations.

This is the true shame, some out there have bought into this narrative to believe in a system of nationalized protection. Remember our world history, learn from it. Our government cannot and will not protect people first, the system is always first. Before human life, decency, human welfare, equality, poverty, justice, morality…it is always going to be the government first. Even if your starving, you must pay your taxes. Even if you have nothing, feed the system first or pay the consequences.

Check yourselves, all races, all colors, all sexes, everyone. Make damn good and sure your creating a nation that is worthy to survive because there are 326,000,000 of us and very few government officials.

Do not underestimate our strength. Remember the small bully? He becomes angrier and more violent the closer he comes to being exposed.

With Love