The Things They Will Never Know

They will never see the 360 hours of psychological therapy I ran too every week for 7 years.
They will never hear the speeches I gave.
They will never listen to the people I helped.
They will never attend the classes I taught.
They will never know that I have written and delivered workshops.
They will never feel the thousands of miles I have walked with other people who needed me.
They will never see my eyes well up when I witness another person succeed.
They will never feel the sense of accomplishment I felt when I wore three sashes at one graduation.
They will never know what it feels like to be completely rejected by everyone who ever knew me and then rebuild an entire chosen family.
They will never know what it felt like to hear he was HIV positive and didn’t tell me.
The truth is they will never, ever know…me.

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage