I am simply not satisfied with the status quo. Come in, do my time quietly and leave. That’s not good enough. I came to prison because I needed help. Punishment is the separation from society and society expects that when I get out someone did their job and helped me.

That is definitely NOT happening. In order for me to get anything I have to fight. I have to be the squeaky wheel for every little thing that is going to help me. 

The status quo will not help me. It just so happens that I have developed a serious internal drive to be a better human being but that isn’t because I have been helped by anyone in power. Its despite them. 

I have a family to answer to. People who at one point had hope in me. Hope I threw away for selfishness. I will never do it again. I will be the person I was meant to be. 

I will be a leader and voice for the LGBT community, period. I will continue to make changes in myself and then propel those same changes in my community, period. I will create an organization that works to end victimization, period. I will create an organization that will work to bring full global equality for the LGBT community, period. I will help myself and others, period. 

I have a voice. I have the ability. I have the knowledge and skills necessary to create cultural change, move communities and change the world. 

And I will…

It really doesn’t matter how many people doubt or how many people stand in my way or how many obstacles get thrown at me or how many threats I get or if this site gets shut down or my pens get taken away or my mouth gets sewn shut even, I’m still going to rise. I’m still going to fight for change. I’m still going to work for equality. I’m still going to end violence and the needless victimization of our families. 

And I will…

Standing in my way is one option, you’d be just like everybody else. Not doing anything to help me, that’s an option to. Of course, we could all work together.

Together we can do amazing things.

And I will…

With Love