As a woman, born in a male body, it hurts when someone reminds me that “Genetically, you’ll always be male, you can’t argue with genetics and biology. If your body is unearthed in a thousand years all they’ll know is that you were male.”.

Oh yeah, watch me.

Genetically, we are also 99 percent chimpanzee. Yet, I am not a monkey. Also, let’s not ignore that genetics was also weaponized against blacks, people with disabilities, and people of Asian descent. I could go on, but you get the idea.

In the era of American slavery and the following Jim Crow South angry white men were desperate to hold onto the belief they were better than somebody. All their life they had been sold and fed the shit sandwich of superiority and the lies of caste systems. Science was not, and still is not, impervious to the destruction of a man’s insecurities. In fact, it was used to heighten both their fears and their belief that they were better than.

Lies of science like:

men were smarter than women
whites were better than blacks
Germans were better than everyone
blond was better than brown
blue eyes were signs of superiority

There is so much more that could be listed here. So many lies and half-cocked statements that insecure and angry white men concocted and hung onto for dear life because the one thing man was taught to fear more than death: being a nobody. They built a foundation on the blood of Indigenous lives, a foundation that gave birth to a demon, known today as a “caste system”, that social order that folks like Ghandi and MLK Jr. spent their lives deconstructing and protesting against.

Genetics says that once equals always. Once you cheat you are always a cheat- yet how many of you peaked at hide and seek as children (cheating)? Or skipped a page of reading in school (cheating) or *Gasp* Bible study and winged it? Are you all cheaters in everything? Because the hard and fastness of genetics, and biology, says yes. Though, we all know it’s not true.

The static-ness of genetics suggests that once you are predesigned, unable to escape your nature. You’re a blacksmith and you’re a maiden. The tool of God who creates divided societies where some are given better lives.

Well, I don’t believe in that God. Sorry. Not sorry. The Creator I believe in creates these beautiful creatures that defy the binary system of “assigned sex” and rise above the ridiculous notion of gender. Creatures like spiders. At least some spiders begin as “males” and transition to “females”. Tell me then, which gender are they, biologically? Or what of hyenas? Hyena females have penises. Did you know that? Fact check it.

That’s only two immediate examples of what God creates that confounds the interpretations of mankind and their “science”.

Furthermore, if in 1000 years someone digs me up and says I was born a male, maybe I’ll tattoo a note on my collarbone or ribs that says “Died a woman” just to shut them up.

What I know is this, I’m a woman. I don’t need to be. But I am. I want to be a woman, I’m proud to be a woman and I wouldn’t choose anything else. Being a trans woman isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing. It makes me happy and fulfills me. I don’t need to argue with anyone about the merits of science or it’s terrible track record of “truth” (just think back to notions of “a flat Earth”, hard science at one point). We understand everything until we understand we never did.

You know how I know science is wrong about binary assigned, anatomical sex?

Because I exist. My name is Ruth and it is near impossible to deny the existence of something that has a name. My name is Ruth and I wasn’t born “male” and am not “transitioning” to “female”. I am, however, a beautiful woman.

Go ahead and challenge it.

I don’t care.

With Love

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