If you walked into a bar and saw someone having a drink, he’s simply a patron. Take that same person, talking incessantly about that drink, maybe wearing clothing brands by the drink maker, and taking photos with drinks, you may suspect that this same person could be an alcoholic, and alcoholism is a bad thing. Certain products, when they become focal points of someone’s daily life, can be seen as their culture. Let me preface this next part by saying I’m firmly in support of America’s 2nd Amendment (as I am the 21st Amendment) …

I think it’s dangerous to create a culture around guns, just as I think it’s dangerous to create a culture around alcohol. Is it legal? Yes, and it needs to be legal. But society has used these things in very harmful ways by making it a cultural focus, and maybe immorally. The kid who shot and killed 4 students in Michigan last week had a photo taken of the pistol his dad bought him with the words “my baby”. A gun is a tool. Like a hammer, just far more dangerous. No one has created cultures around hammers, have they? If so, I’m holding my ground still with this argument. To include the words “my baby” gives the gun a life of its own. Becoming immersed in the item, the product, the substance… it has been shown to become a vice. Money is legal and useful, as is gambling, yet if it becomes the focal point of someone’s life, it’s unhealthy.

This week a congressman from Kentucky shared a family Christmas photo showing him, his wife, and five kids, all posing in front of the family Christmas tree, each holding a firearm. The gun has its place and purpose, but as a “family friend home for the holidays” isn’t it. The rifle comes out of the safe in hunting season. The handgun comes out of the safe to go to the range. When you have a purpose for the tool, that’s when you use it. But I think creating a culture around it is simply dangerous. And before you call me a leftist for some bullshit reason, the marijuana culture with things like 4/20 celebrations and the “Pot lifestyle” has got to go, also. If you want to use weed to relax or for medicinal purposes, have at it. If it rules how, you see the world, you have a problem…

by Rory Andes

If you normalize danger, it appears less dangerous…

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