“My life is not full in spite of disappointment, it’s full because of it.”

If not for all roads leading to this very second of my life, I wouldn’t know the successes I’ve known and appreciated them to the degree I do. It’s been the letdown, the setback, the disappointment that creates the clearest of perspectives. Absolutely none of it is easy, nor should it be, but in the disappointment, I’ve grown the most. In that growth, I’ve done things like worked hard on healing my wounds and understanding where I hurt others, I’ve experienced true empathy by feeling the pain of those around me and I understand how to self empathize. If I didn’t really feel my own disappointment, could I truly appreciate theirs? In that disappointment, could I appreciate all the silver linings?

By doing so, there is a fullness and a richness I’ve never known before. It’s the kind of thing that you can explain and write a book about and discuss and draw a map over… maybe even drop a blog from time to time, but unless you’ve experienced and embraced that disappointment, you simply won’t know how full your life truly is. My life is half over, my family mostly deceased, I haven’t a penny to my name and I stand in a prison by actions of my own design… From all outward accounts, I’ve been a disappointment to myself and the world I live in. And I promise you I had to get to this point to see just how full my life truly is. I have a voice, I’m clear of thought, I’m healing, and my potential is beyond my own wildest dreams, all because of a string of disappointments. Ask yourself, “How amazing are your disappointments and how grateful have you grown of them?”

by Rory Andes

If things were easy, would they be worth it?

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