A simple photo of a Starbucks 20 ounce latte with a name on it and a quick note that says “This ones for you”. It takes seconds to put that together. Or a quick note that says “Thinking of ya”. Or a long rant about how crappy your life is or a rave about how great it is.

Tell me about the mundane, “the stupid washing machine got taken over by Alexa again and the tramp washed my dedicates on high and ruined my stuff!”

It is these little moments that I miss the most. Doing the mundane, driving aimlessly, smiling at strangers, eating gas station food and then regretting it, doing life things. However, not many people are emailing me. When I was not locked up, emailing someone took seconds. It must be infinitely harder now because its the one thing that can keep me connected to the community yet its the one thing that folks seem to struggle with the most, at least with me anyway.

I’m easy to email! Tell me about anything! I don’t care, whatever it is that you are doing, I’m not! You could change my whole month with a simple photo or a 3 word email…or…gasp…two emails! (The horror of emailing twice!!! I know, soooo much work).

Help a lady out!

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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