A friend of mine made a comment once that math was taught wrong in school. That the order in which it is taught is wrong. The average person thinks elementary math, followed by Algebra, then Geometry, Trigonometry, then perhaps pre-calculus and so on is the best way, mainly because that is how it is presented in high school. I am no different.

As I pursue my own education I have found that math is not going anywhere. It is the foundation of Logic, a subject I happen to love and use quite frequently, oddly enough. I would like to understand statistical data on my own and how to compile that to begin with.

The experiment: What if I learn the non traditional mathematics and approach it as a new subject for me? My teacher is having me focus on the basics of proofs, using Abstract Mathematics principles.

I am dedicating 360 minutes every 7 days, logged by timer, to studying my texts. I memorize definitions and use the dictionary frequently to understand the usage of words, like disjunction and contra positive and even contra converse. I have been creating tedious truth tables then writing each line as a proof.

I do not know what mathematical journey lies ahead for me, but I know this, I am having fun. Every day I realize I learned something that was previously for geniuses only, in my mind. I get more and more excited to open my book, even though I’ve spent over 700 minutes on 15 pages. 15 pages of text I understand!

We will see where I go from here.

With Love
Jeff Utnage