Our very own, recently released man-stud-O’-war, Marshall Byers, says to me in an email recently to challenge him with something he can do that would be me living vicariously through him to raise my spirits until I go home in November. Well, ain’t that sweet…

Below, in quotations, is my reply/request:

“lol, a raise my spirits treasure hunt. You’re crazy. I love you, but you’re crazy.

Do you know what would delight me? Picking one area that has lots of businesses and going to each one, one by one, and meeting the owners of an entire block. If not the owners than a manager. Not to ask for anything, but to simply meet them, congratulate them for creating that space. Tell them you’re on a mission to meet everyone on that block and if there’s ever anything they might need, let you know, perhaps you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. Tell them about PMP and HumanMe.

That’s what would delight me. Then Vlog about it. Talk about that experience on video, of meeting the local people who make the economy work. You can even tell each business you’re doing this as a bucket list or to make a video or to just meet new people or that you’re doing this for your trans sister in prison (that’ll get you serious points with the girls “Aww, he he he, Marshall, that’s soooo sweet…what’s your number?”).

Be a free range Byers, like you wanted. Pick a block, walk to each business, meet all the people. That’s what I want.

I’m blogging about this challenge

gauntlet thrown homeboy…


In 4 months I’m going to get out and I will be doing the same thing. It’s been a dream of mine to meet every business owner in an entire city, know everyone and figure out a way to help each one meet a need. Not just buy something (that too!) but to help meet another need like expand, drum up more business, find quality help, sweep the floor, be a shoulder to cry on, whatever…meet a need. Small or big.

This would make me ecstatic.

Now, of course, what this means is that I have to one, do this same task also (I plan on doing it better, don’t tell Marsh-y Marsh, te’hee) and two, I have to extend this offer to the folks I communicate with in prison after I release (hope Rory and Christopher are ready for this one…).

Get ready for some big stuff.

With Love