Now that we have the COVID-19 protocols in place in here, we know how to manage the infections and psychology that goes into controlling large groups of people. We’ll need this, you know. The visitors need us to stay a certain space away and not crowd them. It’ll keep us both healthy. I know they are just on the other side of the moon waiting for our world to get a little more unruly so that the aliens can help us put the world back together. But we have to be ready. Make sure you social distance and cover your mouth. Our germs are different and we’re bad at instructions, so the prison is working hard and we’ll be trained correctly, before they come back…

If you’re perplexed at this idea, imagine how I felt when I had to hear this diatribe at lunch the other day with someone who has spent DECADES in prison. I would believe that, without any solid information from conventional sources, those that have been removed too long will simply invent information to feel informed. The man that said this doesn’t come off as a typical lifelong mental case stuck in a prison, but as someone who has been broken BY prison. He truly believes that all of the COVID-19 pandemic talk is to pave the way for behaviors needed for alien visitors. Relax, this man isn’t getting out anytime soon, but please feel compassion for his mental state and lack of information. Aliens won’t be a problem. Not being included in the knowledge of the world is, though. That is destroying more inmates than you might realize…

by Rory Andes

I could talk about these conversations everyday. It’s heartbreaking…

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