The Hinckley Hypocrisy Follow Up…

Last June, I wrote a piece about the backlash over John Hinckley Jr’s growing popularity on his YouTube channel, where he plays guitar and sings music that he wrote. The Hinckley backlash was over the fact that he had tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in the early 80’s and now, redeemed, has popularity on social media. Hinckley served three decades for the crime and had always been deemed mentally ill at the time it occurred. After serving what was expected of him, he was released with conditions. In confinement, he found that music was his place to find his rehabilitation.

So now, John Hinckley has joined a band, a group of musicians who collectively enjoy the beauty that their music can bring. And apparently, he has talent! They will be going on tour – it’s called The Redemption Tour – and so far, it has sold out shows. With his continued success in reclaiming his life, he will be released from supervision unconditionally in June of this year. That is the mark of someone who has done their part to comply with society’s expectations. Perhaps it can be called justice. And, without missing a beat, the Reagan advocates want it all stopped. How dare he attempt to move on with his life using his talent.

This is the hypocrisy that always gets me about conservatives… You can’t say that you’re “one with Jesus” and always rush to be the Romans. John Hinckley did wrong and gave his pound of flesh in return, as expected. Why is it so hard for the right to forgive those convicted and redeemed? Why must they consistently judge when the judgements are counter productive? I hope all of Hinckley’s shows sell out and that his music is great. I hope this platform earns him a decent living and that he brings joy to others through his music. The conservatives who can’t seem to forgive need to take it to church and check themselves. The judge in Hinckley’s case handled the situation on Earth, let God do the rest… like blessing the man with a little talent and an opportunity.

by Rory Andes

A message to forgive is worth listening to…

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