Its my preference to be around people I identify with the most. Is that your preference? Would you be most comfortable when you knew that everyone around you thought on a similar basis? 
When I view the world its through a gay lens. I interpret things as a homosexual. When I see something or think about something its through my own vantage point. Which is somewhat different from a straight guys. 
But in what ways are we different? Sex? Dating? Literature? Music perhaps? We can like the same things, that’s not what I mean. I mean this, a straight guy hears Fergies new song and bumps it because maybe he thinks she hot and it turns him on to hear her. A gay man hears that same song and bumps it because the words apply to him. Gay men want to be sexy, we want to be wanted and some even want to be objectified to a certain extent, thank you social media. 
Another example is socializing. When a straight guy meets new people many insecurities may come into play. Breath, looks, attire etc. But his acceptance based on his sexuality never comes into play in most situations. With many LGBT people its often one of the first factors. So we will approach job interviews and similar encounters different. 
Likewise when we socialize together we talk about normal things. Not all gay men are into skinny jeans and not all gay men have a thing for turning out straight guys. But its nice to be around people that are uniquely viewing the world through a gay lens. 
Your struggles are the similar. Challenges are unique to us. Like most blacks recognize that their struggle is unique to them. A young black man can rarely learn to deal with his struggles from someone who has never faced them.

As a community we need to support one another. We are all so different, none of us are cookie cutter gays. We walk all paths in life, we just do it as gay men and women. Athletes to politicians. Hair dressers to fighters. Screw ups to slobs and everything inbetween all those things.
Our differences from heterosexual people is real and tangible. We do see things different. Contrary to popular belief its not always checking out straight guys junk. Or sex at all. We think about everything that straights do. But perhaps with a little more flare.

With Love
Jeff Utnage