I to once felt like Linda Blair tied to the bed, head spinning projecting green vomit as the Catholic priest sprinkled Holy water on her. But for me it wasn’t holy water, it was truth and reality I was reacting to as they stripped me naked an shoved me into a rubber room inside Snohomish County Jail 11/30/06. I’d love to have that footage for home video’s. I gave a speech last year about reflections in the mirror, and with that speech I had a visual aid. It was my booking photo. Nobody in the room recognized it as me.

In the film, they moved heaven and earth to save Linda Blair from the evil that consumed her. They knew a beautiful human was still inside somewhere underneath and never gave up till she, shall we say felt all better. I as well had , and still have a team that has moved heaven and earth to help save me with pure an unconditional love.

Today I was snapping my fingers to Jonny Lee’s “look’n for love” as I watched some guy named John Travolta play the part of my life in the movie Urban Cowboy. Yeah, I rode a mechanical bull once, hell, I even rode a real bull and made eight seconds at one point in my life. No, my wife’s name wasn’t Sissy, however, our relationship was just as wild.

Both these movies are love stories, are they not? Think about it, everyone needs love, to express love, love is natural healing. We seek love, sing about love, write books about love…and the list goes on indefinitely.

Love Is All We Need,

Marshall Byers