I have no idea how most states handle parole, but in Washington, parole is largely used for those that commit sexual based offenses. But it absolutely isn’t sitting in a room of smiling prison officials saying things like, “Well, your behavior for the last few years is great. You must be rehabilitated!” It’s not a process for rewarding behavior, it’s a process of verifying safety. Washington has no incentive based parole. If two people have the same history and crime, one sleeps until 10am and gambles and the other earned his bachelor’s degree, this state sees them exactly the same. However, the parole system that is in place digs into a whole slew of historical psychology and behaviors with the guy seeking it. “It says here that Sally Someone might have been abused by you at some point. Did you?” Then it gets hashed out in a parole hearing room and not in a court room to adjudicate the accusations. If they don’t like the answer, more years get added to what a judge sentenced. It’s the fight of an inmate’s life to answer for everything he or she has ever done. Everything.

Like any good fight, you need a gym and a trainer. The gym is a complete packet of criminal investigation material that’s been used to convict you and the trainer is anyone willing to say anything positive about you. It’s off to the gym first, though. The hashing over volumes of police reports, court documents, assessments, counseling reports, programming notes, behavior observations for everything from not social distancing to brutally beating the shit out of your cellmate… Why you stole candy when you were eight and how that led to what happened in your life to cross the barrier to commit an offense… That’s all in the packet. And you answer for all of it. You didn’t break stuff and beat people up in prison? Good… You aren’t supposed to. That’s not parole worthy. Nor are you to be in society without drilling deep into the circumstances of the life you led that became criminal behavior. It’s in the gym that you’ll know if you’re ready for the fight… the one for your life. If you read through it, hurt deep, deep inside and throw up from it, you might be ready. You don’t want to see what’s been reported about you? You don’t want to own the damage you caused? You may very well behave as though it’s not a problem. Society sure doesn’t need that. And if the investigation reports make you remember the echoes of your haunted soul, you need a trainer to remind you that you’ve come a long, long way… working, grinding, reclaiming your life… reclaiming yourself.

There’s a ton of stuff to answer for and you have better trained up. If you’re willing to lose the fight of your life and shit the bed in front of a parole board, you aren’t ready to reenter society, anyway. Get comfortable with the echoes of a haunted soul and be ready to answer for everything…

by Rory Andes

Sex offenders have to take rehabilitation seriously. There’s no choice…

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