Once again a chain bag was slid under my door the day before Clallam Bay Corrections Center (Heavy Sigh). Here’s the thing I might have failed to mention, Big Brother, Survivor, or any other drama dynamic has nothing on the second to second mental warfare in this environment. One tiny morsel of knowledge, even slander can/will be used against you. Information is power over, and the consequences are endless.

I was a giant target for retaliation, everybody asking probing questions looking for inconsistencies. If you do or don’t answer in a certain way. A look. Not looking. Licking Lip’s, swallowing to much, holding your breath, eyes moving to fast, the list is endless. I had no clue how to “Do Time” yet, plus I was carrying a death sentence /stab worthy secret.

One constant fear was over-exaggerating a stare, and the next moment would be an inmate yelling “there he is! that’s him” pointing at me. I watched it happen many times already. At times it got completely quite, human brutality seeking sightseers. I made a vow that I would never act out with violence again, from here on out I would be pushed to the edge, challenged daily beyond imagination.

The bus ride through Washingtons vibrant, green, wet rain forest, hugging the banks of giant Lake Crescent to the edge of our country was mesmerizing. We all got Indoctrinated with the latest rumours, like the last person to be murdered, what gangs were at war with each other, rapes, and drug availability. Stories of the like kept dismantling any hope I had of surviving.

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