Who needs a calendar when you have The Hallmark Channel? I may be a bit strange but I gauge the time spent in prison by whomever is the genius programming manager. 

Take the month of June for example. The glorious station gives us June Weddings, followed by Christmas in July. We then go into Autumn Harvest followed by a quick Thanksgiving season. The best part of the programing year by far is of course the Christmas movies. People on my tier know better than to disturb me while I am partaking in holiday cheer on channel 19. Anyway, after Christmas we then have a month of Winter productions followed by a blitz of Valentines Day movies which I am ashamed to admit, I actually watch. Now we are into Spring! There are a few close calls of miscommunication which leads to heart-ache only to be saved right before the credits roll. Before you know it, we are back to June Weddings and another year has passed. 

I find that the various stories are filled with life lessons. But the real reason I watch them is that these shows bring in a bit of innocence into the otherwise vulgar reality I find myself in. Just a bit of respite from nonsense, one sappy movie at a time. One has to take joy wherever one can find it.

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