The kind of strength I admire most is dynamic, adaptive mental strength. It is what’s required to accept new things. New understanding, new concepts, new environments and new people. Sometimes its what’s required to accept someone as new. Catch my drift? Let me elaborate.

Kinda like forgiveness. Accepting someone as new, as in, they are now different. A better version of themselves. People can change. Are you having trouble believing that’s possible? I wish I had a mirror to show you yourself right now, whoever you are because I bet if I asked you to tell me how you’ve changed you would have a laundry list. Just saying. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that others do the same things we do.

It takes strength to adjust our beliefs. Maybe even a little blind trust. Faith is the word I know, belief in the unseen. It’s interesting how millions believe in Sasquatch, this mythical creature that wanders the woods on every continent supposedly yet has never been caught or seen en masse, yet we have a hard time believing that gender can’t be wrong. We have millions of examples of transgendered and non binary folx in our world, clearly visible, yet we still choose to believe otherwise…I can’t decide if I’m sad or amused.

I say all that took point out that adapting to new information and concepts to accept things that may challenge our beliefs takes real strength. I admire that. I have had to face my own inner beliefs and will likely continue to do so for the rest of my life, its called learning. I like it when others do so as well because I identify with that.

With Love

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