I have read a lot about networking and to be frank, none of it helped me achieve my goals. In fact, it made me look a little desperate. It wasn’t until I gave up on expanding my network for professional reasons that I began to see results in my professional life. I found a key ingredient that is often overlooked. Human connection.


I make it a point to meet with people I come across and the whole point is to get to know them. There is no sales pitch, no ask. Just me, hearing their story and putting myself in their shoes as much as possible so that I can know another human being. You know what? It brought me something I never knew zoom calls could, joy. I make it a point to meet with at least 10 people a week for the sole purpose of getting to know them. There is no other point to it. Just to communicate with a human about human things. I have heard stories of triumph over tragedy. I have met amazing Fathers, women that are so smart and humble you would never know they were rocket scientists or Ph.D holders. I’ve cried with people in happiness and gone to bed at night thinking of how I can help someone in their situation.


I stopped networking. I started doing what I have always wanted to do, build a community and bring one closer together. I want to walk down the road and see people that I can say I have seen them. Not in the physical way, but in the empathetic way, and they have seen me. We know the other exists.


If you are reading this, I want you to know that I am a community builder. I want to hear about your journey because it is one worth hearing.


With Love,


Ruth Utnage