In prison inmates spend obscene amounts of time perfecting handwritten letters. Writing them several times even, slowly pouring their hearts into every letter that they so expertly and carefully write. Pens become tools as opposed to desk decor and paper becomes a commodity rather than scrap.

However, that same letter that took hours to compose and probably had at least two other people read it, “just to make sure it comes across right”, was probably skimmed over by its intended recipient and set aside for later.

It’s no wonder either, the world communicates by short messages now. Social media has changed the way we both communicate and how we think about messages as a whole. Short messages promote more comfortable thought while long letters seem like to much work.

I have sent heart felt letters to family and got no response at all. Then, sent that same family member a quick note “Love ya, thinking about you, -Jeff” and got a letter of her life story in response. Go figure.

This is really just an observation rather than anything that can be a solutionized. I like it, but as the world turns I have to adjust. My messages need to be shorter and perhaps I can reach people quicker that way. Strange, but I like strange. I guess I have a lot to catch up to. 

Challenge Accepted

With Love
Jeff Utnage