We live in a universe, an apparently really big one at that. It would seem that the possibility of life on another planet somewhere out there is probable. I do not think this misaligns with belief in God either. Who are we to say that God didn’t create life on other planets? Why else would God have created such an expansive space if we were its sole inhabitants. Pretty narrow minded to truly believe that, wouldn’t you think?

This makes me wonder, what if death brought new opportunities for sightseeing? What if once we die, we become cosmonauts travelling through the galaxy for eternity on a never ending God given fuel? What if our soul was actually the universes ultimate energy source? It expires here and becomes our next planes source of energy where we are free to travel the universe at the speed of light, or faster…

I know, this borders on the cliff of insanity and maybe even cultish. I’m not telling people to wait for some random comet to float by so we can catch it, nor am I pushing some Christian alternative. All I’m saying is what if death brought us the ability to explore this mysterious thing we have called a universe?

I think about what that might be like as a spirit, no longer in need of air or sustenance, marriage or driven to procreate. Just you, seeing the very epitome of creation as it happens all around you. Unweave, in delight, the wonders of life. Visit new planets, invisible to them, maybe. Maybe not.

What if our soul really was an energy source that is only effective if we treat people nice. Like, every time you make someone feel bad it drains a little more energy from your soul, and then you die, ascending to eternity with an energy source you wasted on negativity watching everyone else jettison out into the great expanse while you must float, energy-less. What if that was hell?

Maybe that’s where ghosts come from, our energy orbs of light or aliens? Maybe their more of God’s creations who have travelled here from other planets and are simply exploring this space before they move on to some other galaxy in some other solar system?

What do you think? Ascend where there is no more gay-straight, no more black white, no more borders or republics, just eternal freedom?

What’s heaven to you?

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage