We had to witness another Covid casualty… We had our last class for an indefinite period of time because of DOC’s absolute iron fisted approach to dealing with the pandemic (and it’s only fueling tensions over the usual mismanagement). While we did get to break down some quadratic equations and develop the fundamentals of proofing systems of work, it came with a heaviness because we knew it would be our last time to be together for a long while.

So, we took half the class to drill into laughter and talk about release strategies and define the things to know about the world beyond prison. This was an important conversation because folks like Marshall and Ruth may very well be out of prison by the time they consider starting our class back up. So, just like any good family gathering, we enjoyed the time we had, talked about what lies ahead and just existed in the moment. It was a little math, a little social, and a lot of learning about a variety of things. This class will be missed and I hope we can come back together sooner vs. later. So far, the Social Mathematics Experiment has been a huge success that’s lived up to its name.

by Rory Andes

I’ll miss this class…

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