“… then add two more. The sum will be beautiful.”

We picked up two more of our beloved friends to experience the growth of our collective math skills. Our very own James and a girl named Aryn. Here’s a fun little fact about this collection of people… We are loaded with inside jokes. Christopher added a great lesson about the applications of Venn diagrams (and that they are a great tool to organize information) and we moved into counting multiple events. Wanna know how many clothing combinations you have in your closet? Multiply the number of shirts by the number of pants, then multiply that by the number of coats… Keep going as you add more categories of items to wear. Now, if you dress yourself this way, I’d say you were very pragmatic. Probably too much to be fashionable.

As we cruised through the lessons of the day, Christopher introduced the card game “Set” which breaks down categories. It was a great tie in. As he collected the cards from us, we were able to give him the card he wasn’t expecting… A BIRTHDAY CARD! You see, in a great and wonderful cosmic gag, Christopher was born on Halloween. We got to wish him the best and show love. But that’s the point of all this, right? Math and the community that comes with it? And in that room on Friday afternoon, the love is overflowing…

by Rory Andes

Community. It’s amazing…

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