During our Friday math club, of all the cool material we went over (like Ruth’s overlay of Pascal’s Triangle onto dimensional subtraction), something else became an interesting topic… Math books, apparently, evolve. There was a book in the room that we talked about with a print date in the 2000s, but it was a reprint of material from the 1950s. The book covered linear algebra, but there have been changes in terms and techniques since the original content was collected. Who knew that the way to represent the math would be so vastly different in a mere seventy years?

Once we were clued into the how to express certain elements of the math using modern terminology, much of what we played with made more sense. And I ultimately learned that the language wrapped around the numbers changes in time, often to be more useful and become more impactful. If math, something so seemingly absolute, can change, can’t we all? Fascinating…

by Rory Andes

If the way to express numbers can change, certainly prisoners can…

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