When I came to prison, skinny jeans had just started taking hold among men. Women were well into skin tight jeans, but men had just started. It was around the same time men started the ridiculous practice of “man buns” as a hairstyle. Over the years, I’ve met plenty of free world men that have either volunteered for the prison, or male family members in the visiting room, or even some of the work I’ve done with twenty-something male students who were entirely too large and awkward to try to sport the look. But, as the years have gone by, it looked as though the skinny jean nightmare wouldn’t be ending anytime soon…

I read a news article the other day that suggested that baggier pants were coming back in fashion. Could it be?? I felt overjoyed about the prospect of reentering society having survived the pandemic of men wearing denim that was too tight and brutally hideous to look at. When I see a man wear jeans this way, I cringe. It’s the same cringe that would come when someone reads tabloid headlines out loud to an audience of no one in the line at the grocery store. You just feel so embarrassed for them, because clearly they can’t feel it for themselves. I guess, when I look for another social benefit of prison, I can say, “During my time in prison, I survived a terrible fashion trend…”

by Rory Andes

Ya gotta find the victories where they land…

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