While watching some local news this morning, there was the usual fare of long winded human interest pieces. Don’t mistake my words, they are important, but lots of time goes into reporting things with marginal substance. But, as the news was hashing through the various pieces of Covid stories, most holding over a minute of reporting, one story earned six seconds… a measly six seconds. It was the death of a second inmate at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in southern Washington state.

They gave me the stats, over 700 infected in 30 days at that location and a second inmate dead. And I got it all in six seconds. As these things go, they won’t revisit the story. Did the inmate have a death sentence? No. This state deems that unconstitutional. But, he was confined to a space that has no relief of disease and died. And he, nameless as can be, got six seconds of reporting. I’m sure someone out there reading this would say he got more air time than he deserved, but he was someone’s loved one also. For those that think prisoners deserve “what they get”, if death wasn’t their sentence, I don’t believe it’s warranted. But any way you slice it, the story deserves more than six sorry seconds, especially as they’re building medical tents in our yard without any information as to why…

by Rory Andes

A tragic loss is worth more than six seconds…

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