As the sun sets, I peer at the lengthening shadows while peacefully sowing a new quilt here in the Community Aide Collation room. At times I feel like my chair might collapse from this emotional weight, and other times I could float away. The window points towards the perimeter fence of which I’m not looking at, it’s the tall leafy trees that tower over the roof tops, the very neighborhood I used to run and play with my kids at that I’m focused on. Their leafy branches could damn near reach down and tickle my nose from where I sit.

It’s absolutely stunning and heartbreaking visually measuring these trees I used to chase my children around. The wonder of time gone by, and the growth of these beautiful sky reaching trees bring pain, but deep joy as well. Beaming ray’s of white light shine through. I can’t see the grassy park below. I wonder if a father is sitting with his back leaned against those healthy trees right at this very moment watching his own children play with utter joy. I whisper to myself… may your life be at peace, may you be healthy, may you be happy and safe.

What is your most treasured memory?
What special places do you go to think things out?

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