John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jodi Arias… even Gary Ridgway…

These names resonate with the sickest and most morbid of humanity. They are standard bearers for depravity. What’s more sickening is that they are the headline of TV Guide’s most recent cover. A magazine devoted to “entertainment” has this true crime genre at its top billing. While these people are haunting in the consciousness of many, they surely are not entertainment. Yet time and time again, the whole idea of brutal crime seems to please the masses. Would the same fans enjoy gladiator fights in the Roman Colosseum? Here’s a more important question… do you believe that through true crime fanatical support, the families of those affected can find any peace?

If the public gave a damn about justice in any way, they would reframe true crime and steer it away from entertainment. The devastation caused in victims families need not be rehashed again and again in the public. What never does get showcased is how the victims and their families cope, heal, or move on to a better place with their loved one’s memory tied to better times. While I agree that the story should be clearly defined for the purpose of prevention, and maybe even for law enforcement only, media companies are making a shit load of money on someone else’s misery. Between the fat cat producers and the sycophants that live to be entertained by the destruction of someone else’s life, I have to ask… Really, who are the sick bastards in all of this?

by Rory Andes

Society’s moral compass appears broken.

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